Complementary feed

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Prequine® is our exclusive line of high-quality  complementary feed for sport horses. This range of prequine products provides optimal support and meets  and is matching with the specific requirements of equine professionals, based on state of the art research, integrated and combined with the experiences of horse owners.


Historically, horses have been very important as pack and draught animals, as swift means of transport and as a forceful source of power. Extensive mechanization in the past century has changed this relation between man and horse. More than ever, horses have their role in leisure and sports. The labour(force) has become a companion. Horse feeding is affected by these changes. Our distant atncestors left the choice of feed to their ‘employees’. Coincidental circumstances thus determined the ration. Later on, horse feeding became a little more manageable: horses were fed in their stables a good part of the year, in which the owners determined quantity and nature of their feed. Clearly, this resulted in a considerable number of mistakes. Colic, laminitis and tying up became (common) household words. Now, horses are merely for leisure and sports, there is an increasing demand for veterinary counselling, also in nutrition. The bond between man and horse turned emotional, the urge to care is strong and integral research more and more enables fine-tuning of feed and requirements. Variation in horse type, function and exercise makes it almost impossible to supply every horse with the proper, nutrition while using standard rations. Certain supplements can be useful in gearing these standard rations for any specific demand.

Prequine® is well known as a supplier of veterinary medicines, offers as a specialised manufacturer a range of supplements to meet these demands in a sound way.