Thanks to the Prequine® line, horses and camels can maintain their top performance level for a significantly longer time. The expert team of pharmacists and veterinarians within Greveling Holding BV is responsible for this unique performance. They design and develop our products based on scientific studies in keeping with the requirements of GMP+ ( Good Manufacturing Practice Plus) This means production is subject to strict rules and stringent inspections of the origin and quality of the ingredients and materials used in the process.

Our products do not just meet our qualitative requirements, but also adhere to our principles: all our product that leave our premises are honest products, formulated according to the HACCP and GMP+ rules and EU regulations. Veterinary drugs and pharmaceutical raw materials for complementary feeds and products supplied by Greveling Holding are also subject to these strict regulations.

Production for third parties

Our production facilities are also available for production of animal feed for third parties. Together with our specialised team we can either work from known recipes, or develop a new product for you from scratch.
Please contact us on for a quote for your liquids, pastes, powders or creams.