Encourages wound healing


Ketanserin Tartrate                        3.45 mg/g
(Equivalent to 2.5mg/g Ketanserin)

Ketanserin is a potent and selective serotonin S2-receptor antagonist. Antagonism of serotonin-induced vasoconstriction, platelet aggregation and the subsequent release of mediators, and the serotonin-induced increase in vascular permeability results in a better microcirculation and oxygen supply in the lesion. In addition, Ketanserin inhibits the formation of hyper granulation tissue.

For use in horses to encourage wound healing and for the prevention of the formation of hypergranulation tissue.

Dosage and administration
For cutaneous use only.

Remove any foreign bodies, necrotic tissue or pre-existing hypergranulation tissue before treatment is started. Clean the wound thoroughly with clean warm water and then apply Vulketan, after bleeding has ceased, to the entire surface of the wound and the edges twice daily. It is recommended to clean the wound with warm water before each treatment to remove the film of gel which forms over the wound. Bandaging of the wound and restraint of the limb are not necessary.
Vulketan is sterile until first opened. It is important to keep the tube as clean as possible during use. Vulketan should be applied to the wound using sterile disposable gloves, and neither the tube nor remaining product within should be allowed to touch the wound area.

In vie of its stimulating effect on the microcirculation, Vulketan should not be applied to fresh wounds until bleeding has stopped. If exuberant granulation tissue has already developed in older wounds, it should be surgically removed before treatment is started. Stabled horse with leg wounds may develop oedema, so they should be allowed some outside exercise during treatment. In order to facilitate twice daily treatment, it is not recommended to bandage the wounds when being treated with Vulketan.  Wash the wound with clear warm water prior to each treatment to remove the film of gel which forms over the wound. Remove any foreign bodies or necrotic tissue form the wound prior to treating with Vulketan.

Precautions to be taken by the person administering Vulketan;
Wear disposable gloves when handling Vulketan, wash hands thoroughly after use. In case of accidental eye contact with Vulketan, rinse with water. In case of accidental spilling onto skin, wash of with soap and water. In case of accidental ingestion of Vulketan by a child, seek medical attention immediately and show package leaflet to the doctor.

Do not use for deep (e.g. penetrating or puncture wounds) or infected wounds, or immediately following surgery.
For cutaneous use only. Do not apply in the eyes or on mucous membranes.

Store at 15 – 25°C.  Shelf life after opening tube: 28 days.
Keep away from children.


Registration (International)
Vm 00006/4154