Voreen injection suspension IM

Orthopaedic and inflammatory disorders of the musculo-skeletal system.


Each ml contains:
Dexamethasone-21-isonicotinate       1 mg

Suspension for injection.
The potency of the isonicotinate form of dexamethasone is higher than that of dexamethasone itself. It has an action time of 3 to 4 days due to the suspension form of the injection fluid. Is well tolerated after both local and systemic administration. The action on the water/salt balance is very little.

Orthopaedic and inflammatory disorders of the musculo-skeletal system such as: arthritis, tendovaginitis, tendinitis, bursitis; allergic skin conditions; allergic disorders of the respiratory tract (COPD)

Dosage and administration
1 ml / 50 kg bodyweight as a single dose I.M. administration.

Adverse Reactions
Corticosteroids may cause immune suppression, adrenal cortex failure (in stress), delayed wound healing, muscle atrophy, osteoporosis, inhibition of length growth, skin atrophy and changes in blood cell count. Abortion in the last third part of pregnancy.

Avoid direct skin contact due to the possibility of allergic reactions.

Virus infections, diabetes mellitus, osteoporosis, cardiac disorders, kidney disorders, fungi infections, cornea ulcera, administration of high dosage in pregnant animals.

Withholding period
The Netherlands:   21 days.

Do not use in the last third part of pregnancy.

Store at 15 – 25°C.
Shelf life of open bottle is 6 months, if stored below 25°C. Do not store in refrigerator and do not allow to freeze.
Keep out of reach and sight of children.

50 ml bottle.

Registration (International)
REG NL 02875 UDA