PDF Product Sheet TONARSYL


1 ml contains:

Inosine 25.0mg
Benzyl Alcohol (E1519) 15.0mg
Sodium Sulphite Anhydrous (E221) 0.20mg

Inosine is a purine nucleotide that participates in the metabolism of DNA and RNA nucleic acids. It enters easily in the cell where it releases ATP, This endogenous energy is used by the myocardial cell for its contraction. Inosine is characterized  by a marked inotropic action (improvement of contractility) and causes a slight increased frequency (chronotropic effect) without change or excitability or cardiac conduction. The changes generated at the heart level are both qualitative and quantitative:

– increased cardiac output without direct tension effect;

– increased oxygen extraction by the myocardium and enrichment of the coronary venous blood with oxygen, this reflects an improvement in myocardial irrigation.

Inosine also has a respiratory analgesic effect.