Prequine Lyte C

Physiological ratio, for swift replacement of lost electrolytes




Contains per 1.000 g: Dextrose, Sodium Chloride 60 g, Potassium chloride 57 g, Dicalcium phosphate, Calcium carbonate

Feed additives per 1.000 g:

Functional Group: Additive: Amount:
Vitamins 3a300 Vitamin C  52 g

Analytical constituents:

Crude protein < 0,5 %
Crude fibre < 0,3 %
Crude fats < 0,2 %
Crude ash < 18 %
Moisture < 0,4 %
Sodium 25.000 mg/kg
Phosphorus 9.000 mg/kg
Calcium 15.500 mg/kg

Complementary feed for horses and ponies. Prequine Lyte C is a balanced mix of physiological salts known to be essential to normal body function. Prequine Lyte C is formulated for quick and efficient replacement of vital electrolytes. It rapidly replaces moisture- and mineral loss during competition, strenuous exercise and transport. Diluted in drinking water, the optimal balance of sodium and potassium will rapidly compensate dehydration and mineral loss during training/sport.

Directions for use
Mix with the standard feed or dilute in 4 – 5 L drinking water.
Horses: 1 x 50 g before the event or training, repeat during or after the event if necessary.
Ponies: 1 x 25 g before the event or training, repeat during or after the event if necessary.

No other supplementary electrolytes should be used simultaneously. Make sure the horse has unlimited access to drinking water at all times.


Store dark and dry at 15-25°C. Close packaging after each use. Keep out of sight and reach of children.


Bucket à 2.000 g.
Bucket à 4.000 g.
Bucket à 10.000 g.