For the control of clinial signs associated with navicular syndrome in horses


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Each ml contains

Clodronic acid 51 mg
(Equivalent to Clodronate Disodium Tetrahydrate 74,98 mg)

Clodronic acid is a germinal bisphosphonate that inhibits bone resorption by binding to hydroxyapatite crystals (inhibiting their formulation and dissolution) and by direct cellular effects on osteoclasts (inhibiting osteoclast cell function). It has a high affinity for solid-phase calcium phosphate and therefore accumulates in bone, where it inhibits the formulation, aggregation and dissolution of calcium phosphate crystals. Bound to bone matrix, clodronic acid enters resorbing osteoclasts, alters their morphology and reduces the number of active osteoclasts, regardless of the cause of osteoclast activity. Clodronic acid increases bone mass by inhibiting bone resorption and retarding bone turnover.


For the alleviation of clinical forelimb lameness associated with the bone resorptive processes of the distal sesamoid (navicular bone) in adult horses.