Kinodyl Se

Helps, maintains and restores the muscle function


PDF Product Sheet KINODYL SE




Sodium Selenite 0,10g
DNA Sodium Salt 1,00g
ATP Disodium 0,20g
UTP Trisodium 0,10g
DL-Carnitine Hcl 0,01g
L-Lysine HcL 0,01g
Vit B12/Cyanocobalamin 5,00mg

Kinodyl Se is a muscle-eutrophic product that contains essential elements that helps, maintains and restores the muscle function. It is an injectable complex which composition has nucleotides, nucleic acids, amino acids, minerals, vitamins and other essential molecules on the muscle cell cycle, improving the process related with the muscle contraction. It has a recovering and inhibitor effect of the protein catabolism. As a result of the constituents actions, an optimal performance, a mass increase and muscle development can be gotten, thus, it becomes a non-hormone anabolic. Its effects are showed as more muscle density and more recovering capacity of the effort and muscle fatigue. Its formula contains an excellent grease burner with antioxidant capacity, besides of high energy release molecules of immediate availability which along with the other nutrients that contains, it improves all the process related with the protein synthesis and the lipids catabolism.


Energy and muscle reconstituent, hematopoietic and non-hormonal anabolic. It gives the muscle oxygenation that requires the high competition delaying tiredness, fatigue and increasing the sport performance. Indicated on the recovery and maintenance of the muscle function, muscle development, metabolic myopathies, as adjuvant on the treatment of secondary muscle degenerations, helps in the control of muscle dystrophy. Promotes the fattening and growth in young animals. For preparation and maintenance of high competence animals. Previous and after to stress situations including transportation. Appetite stimulant. Reproductive dysfunctions. Treatment of selenium deficiencies and any other compound of the formula.