Controls boar taint


PDF Product Sheet IMPROVAC


Each 1ml contains

GnRF analogue-protein conjugate 200µg
Thiomersal (as preservative) 0.1mg/ml

Immunisation with Improvac induces an immune response against endogenous gonadotrophic releasing factor (GnRF), a factor that controls testicular function via the gonadotrophic hormones LH and FSH. The active ingredient in this immunological is a synthetically produced analogue of GnRF, which is conjugated with an immunogenic carrier protein. The conjugate is adjuvant to increase the level and duration of effect.


Improvac Boar Taint Vaccine for Male Pigs is used to control boar taint caused by the accumulation of taint substances (including androstenone and skatole) in entire male pigs. Taint substances that may already be present at the time of vaccination are rapidly metabolised, allowing the entire male pig to be presented for slaughter at a heavier weight and/or older age with improved meat quality.Through its inhibitory effect on GnRF (Gonadotrophin Releasing Factor) and testosterone production, Improvac also modifies the behaviour of peripubertal male pigs which may be evidenced by increased weight gain during the post-vaccination pre-slaughter period. This increased weight gain may also result in an increase in fat deposition.