Equip FT

Influenza vaccine


PDF Product Sheet EQUIP FT


Each 2 ml contains :

Equine influenza virus inactivated strains:
A/equine/Newmarket/77 (H7N7) ≥ 1.2 log10 HAI*
A/equine/Borlange/91 (H3N8) ≥ 2.1 log10 HAI*
A/equine/Kentucky/98 (H3N8) ≥ 2.4 log10 HAI*
Immunopurified tetanus toxoid ≥ 70 IU/ml**
Quil A
Aluminium phosphate

* HAI : Hemagglutination inhibition titre

** IU: International Units


For the active immunisation of horses aged 5 months of age or older against equine Influenza of H7N7 and H3N8 types (European or American strains, including Florida sub lineage Clade 1 and Clade 2 isolates) to reduce the clinical sings and virus excretion after infection, and against tetanus to prevent mortality. Equip FT stimulates active immunity against equine influenza virus and tetanus by eliciting both a cell mediated immune response and a humoral response. Onset of immunity is within 2 weeks of completion of the primary course, with duration of immunity of at least 15 months for the influenza and 36 months for the tetanus.