Duvaxyn Te

Provides 2 years duration of immunity agianst tetanus in horses and ponies


PDF Product Sheet Duvaxyn TE


Each 1 ml contains:

Purified Tetanus Toxoid 3 30 IU*
Aluminium phosphate 3.5 mg

* Mean potency determined by enzyme linked immunosorbant assay (ELISA) compared to a reference antiserum. Ph.Eur. 0697



Suspension for injection for the active immunisation of horses and ponies against tetanus.


For the active immunisation of horses and ponies from the age of 3 months against tetanus. Protective antitoxin antibody titres are detected within two weeks of the second vaccination and last for 1 year. After the third vaccination and subsequent biannual booster vaccinations, protective titres last two years.