Duvaxyn IE Plus

Equine influenza and tetanus vaccine


PDF Product Sheet Duvaxyn IE Plus


Each dose of 1.5ml contains antigens of equine influenza viruses:

Virus subtype A/equi/1/Prague/56 (H7N7) > 1/16 HAR
Virus subtype A/equi/2/Newmarket/1/93 (H3N8) > 1/16 HAR
Virus subtype A/equi/2/Suffolk/89 (H3N8) > 1/16 HAR
Clostridium tetani toxoid > 150 I.U.



Influenza- and tetanus-vaccine for horses. May be used during gestation.


Active immunization of healthy horses from the age of 5 months on against tetanus and clinical symptoms caused by influenza viruses A/equi/1/Prague/56 (H7N7), A/equi/2/Newmarket/1/93 (H3N8) and A/equi/2/Suffolk/89 (H3N8). After injection according to schedule, immunity of 6 months has been made plausible against disorders induced by A/equi/1/Prague/56 (H7N7) and A/equi/2/Suffolk/89 (H3N8). For disorders induced by A/equi/2/Newmarket/1/93 (H3N8) immunity of a few months has been made plausible. Immunity against tetanus has been made plausible from 3 weeks on.