Eliminiates catabolites more rapidly


PDF Product Sheet DIURESIL

Agropyron repens TM 32.000mg
Orthosiphon stamineus TM 30.000mg
Betula pendula extract glycerol 60.000mg
Fraxinus excelsior extract glycerol 60.000mg
Chelated Zinc 75mg

Analytical elements:

Raw Protein 0.20%
Raw fats and oils 0.015%
Raw Cellulose 0.02%
Raw Ash 0.8%
Humidity 17.4%
Sodium <0.1%

Agropyron repens, Orthosiphon stamineus, Betula pendula and Fraxinus excelsior are plants whose extracts have properties facilitating diuresis and are recommended for eliminating catabolites more rapidly, or in the event of joint swelling due to statis.


Diuresill is recommended in all the cases that require an increase of the diuresis like azotaemia and in case to eliminate toxic catabolites; it is also indicated as an adjunct in swelling stasis in the limbs and in the case of phlogosis of the urinary tract. Detoxes rapidly kidney, liver and blood from toxins and bad catabolites. Rapidly eliminates bloating and gas blows. Regulates blood pressure and decreases bleeder cases before races.