Heparin sodium gel


PDF Product Sheet COMPAGEL


Each 100 g contains:

Heparin Sodium 50.000 IU
Levomenthol 0,5 g
Hydroxyethyl-salicylate 5,0 g

Heparin: After absorption through the skin, heparin develops its complex effects in the superficial subcutaneous tissue.  Penetration through healthy skin is dose-dependent and is proven for concentrations of 300IU/g and above. After application to the skin, no systemically therapeutic concentrations are reached.

Hydroxyethyl salicylate: The salicylate is readily released from the hydrophilic gel base of Compagel and rapidly absorbed through the skin. In the tissue it is metabolised into salicylic acid and ethylene glycol. Part of the salicylate is degraded by oxidation and the rest is bound to glucuronic acid and excreted renally. Ethylene glycol is oxidised and excreted as oxalate.

Levomenthol: Levomenthol is absorbed through the skin. It is metabolised in the liver by hydroxylation and subsequent glucuronidation.


For the treatment of local inflammatory swellings and bruising, including tendonitis, tenosynovitis, bursitis and other acute inflammatory conditions of the musculo-skeletal system in the horse. Compagel also promotes the early reabsorption of haematoma and oedematous swelling resulting from such conditions.