Gonadotrophin hormone 5ml contains 1.500 IE


PDF Product Sheet CHORULON


Each 5 ml solution contains:

Chorionic gonadotropin 1.500 I.U

Freeze-dried gonadotropic hormone, to be dissolved in solvent included. Chorulon has a luteinizing action. It is effective on gonads of both male and female animals. In females Chorulon stimulates maturing of follicles, ovulation and luteinisation. In males it stimulates testosterone production. Chorulon influences the development of secondary sex characteristics and libido.


Horse:      anoestrus with a follicle larger than 2 cm; ovulation induction to improve conception

Cattle:     cystic ovary, with consequent anoestrus, slow ovulation, increased oestrus and/or nymphomania.