Butafosfan & Vitamine B12 injection


PDF Product Sheet BUTASAL-100


Contains per ml:

Butafosfan 100mg
Vit.B12/Cyanocobalamin 50 µg

Butafosfan is an organic phosphorus compound used as an injectable source of phosphorus in animals that takes part in energy metabolism, replenishes serum phosphorus levels, support liver function and stimulates fatigued smooth and cardiac muscle. Its physiological rather than its pharmacological action accounts for its very low level of toxicity. Cyanocobalamin (vit.B12) assists in virtually all metabolic processes, most notably the formation of red blood cells, and stimulates protein, carbohydrate and fat metabolism.


Butasal-100 is indicated for debilitation by acute or chronic metabolism disorders that result from poor nutrition, inadequate management or disease (e.g. developmental and nutritional disorders in young animals due to rearing disease, and (secondary) ketosis in cows). It can be used for Metaphylaxis of infertility, puerperal diseases and in support of sterility treatment. It acta as a roborant in cases of stress, overexertion, exhaustion and reduced resistance, and as a tonic in cases of weakness, secondary anaemia and chilling. Butasal-100 additionally support muscular physiology, the treatment of infertility, and tetany and paresis as an adjunct to calcium and magnesium therapy.