BioEquin H

Vaccine against Herpesvirus


PDF Product Sheet BIOEQUIN H


One dose (1ml) contains:

Herpesvirus equorum inactivatum (EHV-1)
Min. 2.1 log 10 VNI 1
Virus neutralization index in hamster serum
Adjuvant: Oil Adjuvant (Montanide ISA 35 VG) 0.25ml
Excipients: Thiomersal 0.1mg

Vaccine against herpesvirus abortions in mares. In addition, to immunize horses against herpesvirus diseases.


For active immunization of horses to reduce the occurrence of respiratory infection and clinical signs caused by equine herpesvirus (EHV-1) and to reduce the occurrence of abortions in pregnant mares caused by EHV-1 infection.